This article provides details on using our Bulk Upload Assist service.  Contact support for more details on using this service.  

If you wish to register offline members yourself, please read 'Registering Offline Members'.

To prepare your offline member data for bulk upload, please complete these steps:

  1. Please fill out the Google Sheet provided
  2. Go to... file...make a copy
  3. Save the file ...a new file will be generated
  4. Please fill out the file with your member data (bold fields are required)
  • Member name
  • Email
  • Type ( Parent, Student, etc)
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Pay Amount
  • Pay Date
  • Pay Method (Cash or Check)
  • Pay Note (Child's name, Grade or Teacher)

Please email: with the name of your association and your email address along with a link to the google sheet

Example of a Google Sheet filled out by a PTA leader