TOTEM is free for associations to begin accepting online memberships.

Members pay $1/year fee when they join or renew their membership that covers all payment-processing fees and the cost of providing the platform.

There is 5% fee for donations.

Do PTAs need to change their bylaws to reflect the $1 fee in the dues?

 No the convenience fee is an outside charge - not a dues increase. 

What TOTEM provides

We provide you with customer service, a custom designed dashboard, member management features, digital membership cards, and email broadcast capabilities. None of which PayPal provides.

The $1 fee is paid be the member and includes the approx $0.59 (.30 + 2.9%) of payment processing fees, so our net is approx $0.41. That small amount plus a similar cut on donations (5%-2.9%) is how we are able to make this service available.