What is a Offline (Manual) Member?

A member who has joined your association in person via cash or check.

Bulk Member Upload

If you have a large list of offline members, you can utilize our Assisted Upload service for a nominal fee. Please contact support for more information.

Register Offline Members using the Form

Note: You must have at least 1 member register online via TOTEM before you will able to register offline members.

  1. Click the Members menu
  2. Click [Actions]...Register/Invite Member
  3. Fill out the primary member's First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Membership type
  4. You can add associated members by clicking on the + Associated Member
  5. Fill out the amount the member paid, pay method and payment date.
  6. Click on Save and Invite New Members

** If you are trying to add offline members and you are getting an error...please log out and refresh/reload page**

What benefits do Manual Members get?

  • Email with a link to download e-membership cards for them-self and all family members
  • Ability to add a payment method and enable auto-renewal for the next school year
  • Full access to the dashboard to opt-out of communications, etc

Why am I required to enter an email for Manual Members?

We understand that this can be different from your process, and you are not required to use TOTEM to track your Manual Members. However, our system requires that each family have an email address associated with it, and this cannot be changed. This allows us to deliver e-membership cards, enables manually added members to renew their memberships online, and to make donations to your association. An email address is not required for associated members that are added to primary members.

Is there a fee for Manual Members?

No, there is no fee for members added by leaders as Manual Members if your association is properly utilizing online membership as well.

Will I be able to enter in the Membership/Donation Amount?

Yes, you will be able to enter in the membership amount, but as of now, we don't store that amount in any report.  If you would like the membership/donation amount to be in the member report please enter it in the notes field. Also, after entering the membership amount, you will not be able to go back and edit the membership amount.

As a leader, will I still need to remit payment for manual members to my Council?

Yes, as a leader you will still need to manually remit payment to your Council for all the members you have entered manually into TOTEM.

TOTEM will only remit payment to UNIT/COUNCIL/DISTRICT/California PTA for memberships/donations that have been made online.

Can I delete manual members that I have entered by accident?

No, please contact TOTEM (help@jointotem.com) and we will help to resolve the issue.

After entering the manual member, can I go back and change the sign up date?

No, the sign up date on the card is the date you entered the member into the TOTEM system.