Connecting a Bank Account is required in order to begin accepting online memberships and to receive automatic direct deposits.  Two Leaders with bank access (Usually the President and Treasurer) are required to connect and verify a bank account.

If you are a leader of more than one Association, you will only be allowed to connect a bank account for 1 Association.

NOTE: Only Checking Accounts can be linked - Debit Cards and Savings Accounts are NOT supported.

Payouts are made around the 25th of every month.

You are able to request a manual payout at anytime in your banking settings and only the Pres or Tres can click on request a manual payout.


  1. Click the Banking menu
  2. Click the Add Bank Account button
  3. Complete the two-factor authentication process via Text/SMS to your phone
  4. Verify the association information
  5. Please enter D.O.B. as a means of a fraud protection measure for users
  6. Enter the Routing number
  7. Enter the Bank Account number (x2)
  8. Click Create Account


  1. Click the Banking menu or click the link in Bank Account Added email
  2. Enter the last 4 digits of the account number
  3. Click Save